NOC Libya chairman statement regarding Es Sidra and Ras Lanuf events

NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla has condemned the attack on NOC's facilities at Es Sidera and extended his sympathies to the families of men who lost their lives defending the installation, he said,  “I hope this appalling violence will lead political leaders on all sides in Libya to understand the magnitude of the threat we face.  I encourage them urgently to put aside their differences.  We need to unite against this common enemy, not tomorrow or next week, but now.”

Mr. Sanalla added, “I urge the swift formation of a national unity government and the establishment of a unified force structure capable of bringing peace to this country and protecting its natural resources.   Libya’s oil belongs to all of Libya’s people and must be protected.   Security and stability can only be attained by all our communities working together.  Political leaders in Libya must face up to their responsibilities and confront the threats that Libya faces.“


Tripoli  6/1/2 016