Announcement re. Attacks on oil crescent area

The National Oil Corporation, Tripoli, represented by its board of directors and on behalf of its affiliates and employees:  Condemns, in the strongest terms, the vicious attacks on the oil crescent area over the last two days and deplores the loss of life and the damage caused to tanks at Ras Lanuf and Es Sidar.   Mourns the loss of life, wishes a speedy recovery to those who have been wounded and commends the efforts made to repel the attack and the efforts of the fire fighters. 


Reaffirms its independency and impartiality as well as  its determination to preserve the resources and assets of our country for the benefit of all the people of Libya. 

Calls on all political and military entities in Libya to put aside their differences and unite against this common enemy.  Calls also upon the citizens of Libya to do their utmost to protect their patrimony and to unite to repel the aggression.

Urges the swift formation of a national unity government and the establishment of a unified force structure capable of bringing peace and protecting Libya’s natural resources.

Recognizes the role of its foreign partners and their interests and rights as regulated by the existing contracts and reiterates its commitment to fulfilling its obligations as a partner, including taking all measures and precautions required in the circumstances to preserve individuals and facilities. 

Commits itself to working toward a united peaceful, secure and stable Libya.

 God bless Libya and its people.