NOC important Statement

With reference to the statements of Colonel  Salem Abu Rawi, the Spokesman of Desert Anger Operation, adopted by the Government of National Accord, on Tanassoh TV news on Monday 10 April 2016 in which he claimed that military planes went out of Al Feel Field and demanded NOC to  identify its position towards the use of oil fields airports to bombard the forces based in  the southern region and strike the innocent people all over the State as he said.

Hence, NOC confirms that no any military planes used the runway of that field which is under the military  control of Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFGs)  Fizan Branch led by Abu Baker Es Suqi Barka who is affiliated to the Government of National Accord.

NOC also affirms that the  Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFGs)  Fazan Branch referred to above has been blockading the production of Al Feel Oil Field since 20 December 2016 and that the State's losses resulted directly from that exceeded460 million U.S. dollars.

NOC also would like to make it clear that all petroleum facilities particularly those located in the East of the country are not used as military bases and that Ras Lanuf  airstrip in particular is located on the coastal highway in Ras Lanuf.  It is not affiliated to NOC and it is located outside the borders of its possessions,  not used by NOC, nor NOC is in charge of its management, besides  NOC does not supply it with any services like water, electricity, firefighting or safety and it is used exclusively by the Armed Forces.

With this respect,  Eng. Mustafa Sanalla,  NOC Chairman,  demanded not to insert NOC into this media offences,  to respect its role as a corporation that works for all Libyans and to stop these desperate and persistent attempts to drag it into political conflicts  by different parties. Eng. Sanalla also reaffirmed  that NOC's job is to preserve the oil wealth of the Libyan people and to manage  it professionally  under its establishment laws for the benefits of all Libyans.


11 April 2017.