Discussions on modernisation of oil, gas and derivatives measurement systems in order to achieve greater transparency

In order to achieve greater transparency and to close the way for all those who wish to mess up with the wealth and strength of the Libyans, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) is working on implementing the latest systems of measuring of oil and gas and their derivatives. In this regard, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NOC, Engineer Mustafa Sanalla, held a meeting with the Director General of Inspection and Measurement Department Engineer Abdelrahman Labidi, Director of the Inspection Department, to follow up on the activities and work of the General Administration for Inspection and Measurement in oil fields and ports.
During the meeting, they discussed the outputs of the technical meetings held between the General Department of Inspection and Measurement and the operating companies as well as the first meeting of the General Directorate of Inspection and Measurement with the coordinators of the measurement offices in the ports and oil fields. they also discussed the establishment of a unified technical guide that covers the technical and engineering requirements of the oil and gas measurement systems and their derivatives in cooperation with one of the specialized bodies in this field and according to international standards and approved standards.