NOC welcomes decision to sanction Ibrahim Jadhran

National Oil Corporation (NOC) board members welcome the decision by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Committee on September 11, 2018, to add Ibrahim Jadhran to the international sanctions list. 
It should be noted that this decision has been made in response to repeated requests by NOC in this regard, in association with efforts of the Attorney General's office and other relevant authorities.
Jadhran is personally responsible for the loss of multiple lives, as well as more than $60 billion in financial losses to the Libyan state as a result of oil export blockades in the Gulf of Sirte during 2013-2016. His attempt to systematically undermine the Libyan state and associated institutions has resulted in widespread suffering. 
The UNSC announcement sets an important precedent. All groups in Libya targeting Libya's oil sector, by blockade, armed attack or other criminal and terrorist means, should expect to be pursued and punished in the same way.
NOC remembers and mourns the brave martyrs who defended Libya’s oil facilities and resources attacked by armed groups under Jadhran's command.