NOC operations as normal following terrorist attack

Following the terrorist attack on National Oil Corporation (NOC) headquarters on 10 September 2018, resulting in the death of two employees and the injury of 25 others, NOC confirms that operations across the country are continuing as normal with no loss of production. The corporation assures citizens that contingency plans were immediately activated during the crisis to ensure production and operational continuity.
NOC’s Board of Directors expressed their thanks to those offering condolences and messages of support, and stressed that NOC employees remain undeterred in the face of the attack; they are the pride of Libya. The Board additionally underlined that budget and revenue systems of the General Finance department remain secure, as is all data relating to NOC exploration, production, refining and marketing activities. No operationally sensitive files were damaged or lost in the attack; NOC maintains back-up copies of all electronic databases.
NOC Chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla commented: “We will not lose one barrel of production or revenue as a result of this attack. Yet more Libyan blood was shed resulting in the death and injury of our colleagues. Those who perpetrated this callous act must be condemned universally. We are standing on the edge of a precipice and must make a choice – unify as a country, or descend further into chaos.
“The attack on NOC headquarters exposes the fragility of security arrangements in our country. The current security vacuum opens a space for terrorist organizations to exist. Recent events in the South of Tripoli and in the Gulf of Sirte demonstrate the consequences of a lack of political process, unified government, and legitimate effective security enforcement in the country. This must change to protect our future and that of our children. Our thoughts are with the families and martyrs of NOC; may they rest in peace.
God bless Libya.”