SIRTE OIL COMPANY for Production, Manufacturing of Oil & Gas...ADVERTISEMENT NO. 02/ 2018

SIRTE OIL COMPANY for Production, Manufacturing of Oil & Gas announces bidding of the following project:




Project Title  &Description  

Project No.

T.D. Fees

(Libyan Dinars)

Last day for bid submission


12:00 PM


Roof Replacement & Renovation of Facilities Maintenance Workshop:

The work shall include; Complete replacement of roof and sliding sheeting, Repair of tool room & wash room, and Modify conference room. (As per details mentioned in the scope of work).






Sunday, 25th March,




We urge specialized companiesthat consider themselves qualified to execute the above-mentioned project, and wish to participate, to contact Secretariat of S.O.C Main Tenders Committee, at Marsa El-Brega to purchase tender document (s) at non-refundable indicated fees against the project, payment by Cash or certified cheque. The following documents are required:-

  • A copy of the Company’s Commercial Register (Valid).
  • A copy of a valid License to Run Business.
  • A copy of a valid certificate proving payment of tax.
  • Financial position of the Company for the last three years.
  • A Copy of the Authorization given by the Ministry for Economy and Trade to carry out Business in Libya (for Foreign Companies Only).
  • A Prove of Ability & Experience to carry out the required work.

 -Tender documents can be purchased weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) during working hours, (10:00 to 12:00 Libya Time) as from:

 Sunday January 28th, 2018   until Sunday February 11th, 2018.

For any information or clarifications, please contact the following telephone numbers:


Direct phone & fax 00218- 064-7623113   

Or through telephone exchange 00218 61 2230216 - 25 ext. 22053 & 22054. Mobile 0925763652


You can also visit SOC website ( and National Oil Corporation site

Or Contact us on the following e-mail address ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).




-Bids must be in full compliance with the tender specifications and conditions provided with it. Any bids not in compliance will be ignored.

-Bids must be submitted in two separate well-sealed envelopes and stamped by the Company’s official stamp. The project title & project reference number must be written on both envelops.


  • The first envelop contains the Technical offer (1 Original + 2 Copies + One CD) and the Un-priced Commercial Tender (1 Original )
  • The second envelope contains the Commercial offer (1 Original+ 1 copy).

-A certified cheque (Bid Bond) issued by a known bank operating in Libya, worth (0.5%) of bid price must be also submitted in a separate sealed envelope. Bid offers not containing certified cheqes will be rejected. Cheques will be cancelled and returned to unsuccessful bidders, after award of the bid.

-Winner of the bid must submit a certified cheque worth 10% of contract price agreed to, as a final insurance, within 10 days of notification of contract award and will be returned to the contractor after one year of completing the project. The initial (0.5%) cheque will be cancelled and returned to bidder.

-Bids MUST be delivered to the office of the Secretary of S.O.C Main Tenders Committee, at  Marsa El-Brega. 

-Companies interested in purchasing tender documents should present a letter authorizing their representative by name, to receive the document on behalf of the company, and copy of  representative's passport including a copy of the entry stamp should be sent to SOC Main Tenders Committee 72hours before arrival to Brega, in order to issue necessary Oilfield passes.