Arabian Gulf Oil Company...tender for Purchase and procures of QTY (7) 4WD AMBULANCE VEHICLE

Arabian Gulf Oil Company announces about the release of a tender for Purchase and procures of QTY (7) 4WD AMBULANCE VEHICLE & (5) 2WD AMBULANCE VEHICLE

Conditions and Participation Requirements :-
 All companies which desire to participate in this tender and have the ability, qualification and past experience in the mentioned field should receive the technical and financial specification booklets either thru their provided addresses (by sending on their own charges) or by direct handing to their representatives which have to fill the attached receiving forms ahead, before coming to receive booklets, to ease and speed the process. All have to stick to booklets contents. Booklets handing will be during the period from Tuesday 06/02/2018 to Monday 13/02/2018 from 09:00 noon to 14:00. Participants have to stick to the following conditions:
1- The technical offer to be submitted separately & has to be according to the required specifications. Attached with it separately are the specialization and past experience supported with documents and necessary data and information. The un-priced commercial offer ( does not contain price, otherwise, it will be rejected) is to be submitted separately & has to contain the required payment conditions with the necessity to agree on all AGOCO general terms and conditions in order to participate in the tender.  And also the priced commercial offer (contains the prices) has to be submitted separately.

The supplier shall be at his own expense obtain and maintain for the Company a bidbond in an amount equal %0.5of the submitted proposal value Such Bond shall be established as an irrevocable, unconditional and confirmed Letter of Guarantee or Stand-by Letter of Credit through a First Class Libyan bank or through a First Class European Bank confirmed and advised to the Company through Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB)-Tripoli, or through British Arab Commercial Bank (BACB)-London anddelivers with offers and must be the text of this guarantee acceptable to the company and is rewind to those who do not anchor the tender.

2- Submitted bids have to be composed from one original and one copy for each offer and have to be contained in separate red wax sealed envelopes, and accompanied with supportive requirements separately as pre-mentioned. All offers to be submitted by maximum Wednesday 28/02/2018.
The Complete Bid   and all correspondences have to be addressed, send and/or submitted to:  Head, sub Tender Committee.
Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) supply dep bulding office no 217 P.O. Box 263 El- Kish, Benghazi, Libya    
3- Sub Tender Committee reserves the right to exclude any of the companies whom activities do not comply with such tender, or do not qualify to participate in this tender in a satisfactory manner.
4-   For any inquiries, please, contact Sub Tender Committee Head on the            Following address:

Sub Tender Committee –Office No.: (217)-supply department building- Arabian Gulf Oil Company- Elkish- Benghazi –Libya -
                 Fax No.: 00218-61-22-37797               
                 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.