Mellitah Oil & Gas ...Extend tender NoTender No-876

Mellitah Oil & Gas B. V. (oil Division) intends to extend the  invitation to the  Libyan & foreign specialized companies  that have established themselves in the ability & competence to carry out the required work, by presenting two (2) files as follows:

             File for Legal and Financial documents.

             File for Technical documents includes (Technical profile, experience, CV,.etc.)

For the purpose of evaluation and pre - qualification in order to select suitable and eligible companies to participate in the following tender:

Tender No-876

Installing Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting System for facilities which are relevant to Mellitah Oil & Gas Company in Abu Setta logistic Marine Base and in Tajoura warehouse.


Scope of Work

Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. (Oil Branch) (MOG) intends to Installing Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting System for Abusetta Marine Base &Tajoura warehouse in accordance with the project specifications, quality and statutory requirements.

The scope of the work includes but not Limited to the followings:-

•             Complete Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction and Installation of Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting System.

•             Commissioning & disposal of wastes resulting from installing the fire detection Alarm and fire fighting systems on sites.

•             Smooth interfacing of installation of fire Detection, Alarm and fighting system with the existing systems and all involved parties in sites (Abusetta Marine Base &Tajoura wwarehouse).

•             Commissioning, Start-up & integration test of designed Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting System.

•             All other installing requirements that are needed to complete the work including services, equipment, personnel and materials.

•             MOG wish to invite experienced and reputable EPIC companies specialized  in engineering  design ,procurement, construction /  Installation and commissioning of target  Fire Detection ,Alarm Fighting System  installations at ( Abusetta Marine Base &Tajoura wwarehouse) to submit their  complete qualification documents for evaluation.



Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy the stipulated requirements and submit all required information and documents below. Taking into consideration that failure to submit these documents will render automatic disqualification:

1.            Letter on Company's letterhead Addressed to the Contracts Department Manager (Oil Division) stating expression of interest on the respective tender, the letter should contained company email, phone number & mobile for quick contact if needed 

2.            The Participating bidders must be having all legal documents and registered in Libya to be valid for not less than six (6) months from the date of the announcement.

3.            Curriculum Vitae of staff assigned for this work

4.            Company Profile with full details of similar contracts performed with relevant and verifiable Reference List of Clients, current activities to be carried out and any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant /consortium.

5.            The bidders shall have advance knowledge of local and international environmental regulations to perform the work activities.

6.            Health , Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ): The bidders shall provide the following:

6.1 Company's approved HSE manual attached with the company's approved HSEQ policy.

6.2  Certificates of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems (ISO-9001, ISO- 14001 & OSHAS-18001)

6.3  Company's HSEQ Procedures list .

7.            Submission of Company's Financial Status documents turnover for the last (3 years) accredited and approved by external financial auditor.

8.            Mellitah Oil & Gas has the right to exclude any file does not meet the above stipulated requirements.


The required Legal documents from participating companies are as follows:

Local Companies:- 

             Original copy of valid commerce registration and official registration certificate with Chamber of Commerce.

             Original copy of Valid Business License. 

             Original copy of Valid Tax Certificate.

             Company Establishment Contract.

             The participating Bidder registered activity should be agreed with Scope of work of Service or project that will be implemented.


Joint Venture Companies and agreements:-

A)           J.V Companies     

Submission of documents indicating the establishment of a joint venture company in accordance with the legislation and regulation in Libya, whether between two parties (local and foreign) or two local parties, in addition to other legal requirements that mentioned in the item of local company.

B)            The Agreement (Solidarity)

             The agreement shall be ratified by the competent authorities (contract editor)

             The agreement shall include the commitment of the solidarity parties together or individually to carry out all the required works and services. 

             The agreement should clarify the legal representative for the parties.

             Cannot be submit separate offer by one of the participants or in solidarity with another contender to participate in the tender.


Foreign Companies


Matching with the same above mentioned conditions and requirements for local companies, in addition to submit a valid permission from Libyan Ministry of Economy to open foreign company branch.



One hard copy & one soft copy (CD) of the Prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements Hard copy  & CD shall be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked:


Installing Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting System for Abusetta Marine Base &Tajoura warehouse

Addressed to the " Contracts Department Manager "

( Oil Division ) to the following address:

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Oil Division)

Dahra Building-fifth floor – Green side 

P.O. Box 346, Tripoli-Libya

The prequalification submission Date has been extended up to’Monday  18/06/2018

 Or Soft Copy should be submitted to the following email address:-

Pre-Qualification ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )



Important Notes:

1.            The pre qualifications’ request is not an invitation to tender. Company is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the work described above or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation on the final Bidders List or to award any form of contract.

2.            The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and full ITT Package will only be issued to qualified companies that have been pre-qualified.

3.            Company will not be responsible for what's ever costs incurred for preparation and submission presented in response to this notice.

4.            Company shall deal only with authorized officers of the bidding companies and not through individuals or agents