Zallaf Libya Exploration & Production of Oil & Gas Company referred to as (“Zallaf”),Operator of block NC-200 located in Murzuq basin, is conducting a pre-qualification process for selecting contractor(s) for its Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) operationsand Full Package Testing Servicesfor The Required Low Pressure Oil Wells at the locations mentioned below. The selected contractor(s) will supply all surface and downhole equipment, provide technical assistance in designing surface layout and ESP downhole assemblies, assist in making-up and running in and out of the wholeESP components, setup a cable workshop, establish the basis for spare equipment warehouse, design and implement a continuous improvement program, and train Zallaf’s personnel at all levels and in all aspects of ESP artificial lift technique. In addition, the offering of the services of a repair workshop based either in Libya, or an easily accessible country, will be considered positively in the pre-qualification evaluation matrix.



Location: OnshoreNC200 block located in Libyan Murzuq Basin, about 800 km southwest of Tripoli.


1-Project Main Objectives


Zallaf,Operator of NC200 block in Murzuq basin is scouting and pre-qualifying Libyan and international market for an Artificial Lift System, Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) and well testing services to enhance the productivity of low pressure oil wells at NC-200 Onshore Fields.


At present, the expected operations start-up date is Q4-2018. The estimated total number of wells object of this ESP contract is (20-30) oil producers and (10) water source wells. In the end, final well numbers will change depending on observed reservoir performance and adopted production strategy. Zallaf aim is to maintain the same ESP contractor(s) for the life span of NC-200 fields. Hence, annual contracts will be automatically renewed upon satisfactory contractor(s) performance.



All well services with ESP Contractors dully registered in Libya are invited to participate in this prequalification process by submitting the informationrequested hereinafter no later than three weeks (21)days from the date of this publication. Upon approval of Zallafgovernance bodies, it is planned to issue an Invitation to Tender inSeptember 2018.



2-Scope of Work


The scope of work defined herebelow pretends to be an exhaustive description of the supplies and services to be provided by the selected contractor(s) for NC-200 ESP operationsand well testing services. Specialized ESP contractor(s) are invited to complement the list including any addition deemed relevant. Altogether, services and supplies shall guarantee the good performance of oil producers and water source wells equipped with ESPs, the work shall include all the following actions:-

  • Conduct a site survey to assess technical and logistical needs.
  • Procurement, Inspection and Testing of Materials. 
  • Provide full set of well Testing Services equipment accordance to technical specifications.
  • Provide six (6) sets of Artificial Lift Systems (ESP) with other associated equipment/tools accordance to technical specifications.
  • The expected lowest total flow rate will be 4000 bbls/d with range of (200 to 2000) bbls for every well.
  • The maximum reservoir temperature °F180 and maximum pressure 1900 psi.
  • The maximum total depth for NC-200 oil wells is +/- 4500 ft. with 9 5/8’’ casing and 3 ½’’ tubing.
  • The maximum total depth for NC-200 water wells is +/- 6000 ft. 8 ½’’ OH and 5’’ tubing.
  • Design and selection of all surface and downhole equipment with specialist assistance installing surface components.
  • Specialist assistance making up and running in the hole-pulling out of ESP assemblies.
  • Warehouse management program for surface-downhole equipment and consumables (limited number of pump types).
  • Implement a continuous improvement program
  • Train Zallaf staff on design, installation and operation of all surface and downhole equipment, in particular:
    • Data analysis and pump performance diagnosis,
    • Pump design and equipment selection,
    • Installation and commissioning of downhole and surface equipment,
    • Surface electrical equipment performance monitoring,


  • Used materials should be of high quality and accordance to standard specifications.
  • Repair workshop located in Libya or country with good air and sea transport communications with Libya.
    • HSE procedures should be observed in implementation of the work.
    • Equipment supply on rental or purchase basis:




- Transformer

- Switchboard

- Variable Speed Drive

- Soft starter

- Junction box

- Electrical generator (if required)

- Surface wiring

- Wellhead penetrator

- Consumables

-Any other item not covered but required



- Pump discharge

- Multistage pump modules

- Pump intake

- Protector

- Motor

- Motor Lead Extension

- Y-tool

- Downhole P-T sensor

- Gas separator, shroud, etc.

- Downhole electrical armoured cable (round or flat)

- Consumables

-Any other item not covered but required


Note:Electrical surface equipment, downhole power cable and ESP assembly components detailed specifications will be defined at a later stage with the collaboration of selected contractor(s).




3-Prequalification Requirements


Zallaf_invites all interested local and international well services Contractors dully registered in Libya, in addition to the information requested above, to submit the complete prequalification document package, for registration and evaluation, as described here below.


3.1- Contractor profile with full details of similar Contracts performed with reference list of Clients giving names and addresses, as well as performed work description, location, start and completion dates, and value of Contracts.

  • Contractor shall have minimum three years of experience related to the scope of work for this Tender.
  •  Contractor shall have advance knowledge of local and international environmental regulations to perform the work activities.
  • Contractor shall provide Curriculum Vitae of staff assigned for this work.



3.2- Contractor financial and legal information, services scope, and organization chart

ŸAudited Finical Statement for the last (3) three years

ŸCopy of valid Contractor Commercial Registration in Libya

  • Copy of valid Contractor Business License
  • Copy of valid Contractor Registration at the Libyan Chamber of Commerce
  • Copy of valid Contractor Tax Certificate

ŸContractor Services Catalogue 

ŸContractor Organization Chart



3.3- Demonstrate Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) commitment

  • Contractor HSSE Policy
  • HSSE statistics for the last (3) years
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System(s)


3.4-Contractors interested in this prequalification request must satisfy the requirements stated above and submit the required information.


4 - The Prequalification Request is not an Invitation to Tender


4.1- Only eligible Contractors that meet the prequalification criteria, which shall be determined by Zallaf sole discretion, will be included in the bidders list.


4.2- This prequalification request implies neither commitment nor obligation, implied orotherwise, forZallafto issue a tender or enter into a contract.


4.3- Zallafwill not be held responsible for any cost incurred for preparation and submission presented in response to this prequalification request.


4.4-Zallafhas the right, at its entire discretion and judgment, to exclude any file that does not abide by above stipulated requirements.


4.5-It is understood by the Contractor that Zallaf is not committed to respond to each Contractor regarding its position with the pre-qualification submission, responses shall only be made to those who are considered qualified and who will take part in future tenders.


4.6-Any provision of any false of documents, information by the Contractor may lead to disqualification at Zallaf’s sole discretion, at any stage of the relationship between Zallaf and the Contractor (i.e. pre-qualification stage, tender, negotiation or even after signing a contract).


4.7- Interested Contractors shall submit their response including the details and references stated above, preferably via the online application, by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  not later than 21 (Twenty one) days from the date of this publication. The file or e-mail shall be titled with “Provision of ESP and Well Testing Services - Block NC200 – 2018 Pre-Qualification Invitation”.


The prequalification documents shall indicate clearly the name of the Contractor, address, phone number, person to contact, an email address, and state interest to pre-qualify as a potential bidder.


5- Important Notes


5.1- This Prequalification Request is not an Invitation to Tender.


5.2-The Invitation to Tender will only be issued to Contractors that have been prequalified.


5.3-Zallaf will exclusively do business with the actual Contractors performing the requested ESP supplies and services with Well Testing Services and not through interposed agents whatsoever.



Publication Date: 29 August 2018