Zueitina Oil Company ...Pre- Qualification Announcement for


6x6 truck, fitted with 20,000 liters Vacuum tank, truck chassis fitted with: heavy duty off-road suspension 14.00 x 20 split RIM, off-road / sand tyres, single front axle, twin wheels on both rear axles., truck must be capable of operating in a hot dry, dusty environment with ambient temperature of +50 deg. C,

Truck mounted vacuum tank:

Minimum 20,000L capacity, P.T.O Driven hydraulic pump, equipment to be able to handle contaminated sand, waste & crude oil, 4 inches suction / discharge hoses fitted with Bauer coupling, fully opening rear end, C/W inspection hatch & sight glasses, all valves to be manually operated, side hose carrier to be installed.       

All interested Companies should submit and Provide the Following document & information :-.

  • Letter on Company’s letterhead addressed to the Bids Committee Coordinator stating expression of interest and authorized contact person.
  • Company valid Legal Registration documents and Tax Department Declaration.
  • Details of Branch Office Representative or Agent in Libya.
  • Company Profile andpast experience.
  • Submission of the Organization Chart and Financial Status document of the Company turnover for the last 3 Years.

The Prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than    06/ 01/ 2019


The Prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements shall be submitted in sealed envelopes to:-

Bids Committee Coordinator   - 

Zueitina Oil Company

 MainBuilding- Sixth Floor

Sidi Issa Street

PO Box(2134)  - Tripoli - Libya

Tel; 00218(0) 21 3338011 /14    -   Ext; (71645)    FAX; 00218 (0) 21 3339109

This pre-qualification announcement neither represents an invitation to tender nor a commitment to Zueitina Oil Company.