Eni North Africa B.V. ...Preparation for Drilling Wells at Wafa Field


Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch (ENI NA) wishes to verify the availability of reputable, interested and experienced vendors specialized in providing the SERVICE/WORK relevant to Civil Work Services (NWD rig well A58 location site preparation). The SERVICE/WORK to be performed by vendor is described in the Scope of work here below.


As a result of ENINA evaluation in respect of above required services, only qualified, specialized and experienced vendors will be registered within ENI NA vendor list

Only qualified companies or consortia or JV that have proven capability and recent experience of supplying the required services will be considered for potential tenders for the scope of service described above.


Scope Of Work
- Location: Near Wafa Field ( detailed location details will be communicated in next stage)
- Number of Drilling Locations: (1)
- Construct site locations, camp sites and access roads including mobilization, levelling, excavation and concrete work for Cellar pit etc… (As required) suitable for the installation and operation of Drilling Rigs. Vendor shall provide all equipment resources, consumables, spares, personnel, camp and materials required. Vendor shall also be responsible for transportation of all its equipment/personnel to and from the various locations 
Minimum Requirements:

Vendor shall provide the following: 
- proven track record in providing Civil Work Services (Drilling Site Preparation) within Libya for     at least two times in the past 8 years.
- Demonstrate that they can provide all necessary equipment and skilled personnel for Site Preparation for drilling locations; the Machinery submitted list  must have an ownership and/or lease agreement documented evidence.







HSE Minimum Requirements:


Vendor shall provide the following: 

  • Compliance with local/national regulations regarding environmental protection


  • Compliance with local/national regulations regarding safety, health and welfare/insurance issues

  • HSE policy and objectives;


  • Occupational Health and Safety Management: Details of its Safety Management structure and reporting system;


  • Environmental Management: Evidence of how it intends to manage the environmental aspects of the contracts and relevant environmental procedures applied to the Contract activities;


  • A record of hazards/impacts in the workplace related to the general activities associated with the CONTRACT, inclusive of Subcontractor activities.


  • Planning of activities required for the identification, assessment and management of the significant HSE risks associated with the work;


  • Evidences about the: Fire fighting arrangements, First Aid arrangements, Lifting Equipment lists and certificates


  • Organization Chart focusing on HSE roles and responsibilities (including CONTRACTOR’s key resources) and showing the name, title and contacts of its HSE representatives;


  • Emergency response management, covering but not limited to: medical evacuation, road traffic accidents, oil/chemical spills, man/vehicle lost, offshore incidents…;


  • HSE training plan;


  • A HSE audit and inspection plan/schedule;


  • HSE reporting arrangements;


  • Fitness to Work Certificate of contractor  personnel;


  • Certification of all Critical Machinery and Equipment’s (cranes, forklifts, power generators, etc.)


  • Comply with all PTW requirements for all jobs to be done within the COMPANY’s premises

  • Standard PPEs for all contractors employees;


  • Equipment Maintenance records.

This enquiry shall not be considered an invitation to bid and therefore it does not represent or constitute any promise, obligation or commitment of any kind on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you or with any company participating in this pre-enquiry.


Consequently, all data and information provided by you shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you, nor shall they entitle your company to claim any indemnity from ENI NA.

All data and information provided pursuant to this enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or communicated to non-authorized persons or companies except


If interested and without any obligation on our part, you are kindly requested to Submit the whole documentation requested above.

Documentation shall be saved in Acrobat “.pdf” format and sent by courier mail / or hand delivered, with the inclusion of a CD ROM/USB Flash Memory, at the below address:


Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch

Contract & Procurement Department

Ibn Hani Street – Dahra

P.O. Box 12132

Tripoli – Libya.



Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Important Note:should your Company not providing the above required specific Services, you are kindly requested to not apply for this pre-qualification process.


The closing date for the submission of the above mentioned documentation is fixed to    27/12/2018 at noon (Libyan time).