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Mabruk Oil Operations invites interested local and international companies (or their representatives) specialized in Offshore Engineering Services to submit to Mabruk Oil Operations their completed Pre-qualification documents, for evaluation and preparation of a bidders list, as Mabruk Oil Operations intends shortly to issue a Call for Tender for  Engineering Services for Al-Jurf Oil Field as described below:


Field location:

Al-Jurf Field (C137) is an Offshore field located about 160 kilometers to the North- West of Tripoli City, Libya, at the coordinates:

Longitude: 12º  03′ 34″

Latitude : 33º  51′ 42″


Scope of  Services:

-              To establish a frame contract to work on call off basis in order to provide engineering support to perform   engineering Services. The work includes management, studies, basic and detailed engineering services for any modification or expansion on  offshore oil production surface facilities Al-Jurf BD1 platform and FPSO when required.   

Expected start date : End of September 2019

Duration ( approx 24 Months )


Qualification Requirements:


Interested companies for this tender must satisfy the requirements stated on the Pre-qualification questionnaire and shall submit the required information only by completing the required details on such Pre-qualification questionnaire.




The Pre-qualification Invitation is not an invitation to tender.


Only qualified companies that meet the Pre-qualifying criteria, which shall be determined by Mabruk Oil Operations at its sole discretion, will be included in the bidders list. Mabruk Oil Operations reserves its right to reject any and/or all companies at its sole discretion. Such act by Mabruk Oil Operations shall be final and shall not be contested or challenged by any participants.


Furthermore, this Pre-qualification invitation doesn’t imply any commitment or obligation, implied or otherwise, for Mabruk Oil Operations to issue a tender enquiry or enter into a contract.


All costs of whatsoever nature incurred in the preparation and submission of the Pre-qualification documents, including visits, if any, incurred in connection with this invitation, shall be borne by companies.


Participation :

This announcement will remain posted on the National Oil Cooperation & Mabruk Oil Operations websites until 12:00 hrs local time, 03/03/ 2019. The last date to receive the Pre-qualification documents from the interested potential Bidders to be qualified is 14/03/2019 at 15:00 hrs local time.

Accordingly, all interested companies should submit the required Pre-qualification information (Pre-qualification questionnaire) no later than this date. Any document submitted after this date will be disregarded.

The Pre-qualification questionnaire will be made available to interested companies only by email upon formal request which should clearly indicate the name of the company, address, phone number, person to contact and its title, an email address and stating clearly their intention and interest to participate.

The request by interested companies for the prequalification questionnaire should be sent by fax or email strictly to the following address:

Mabruk Oil Operations

Ref. Al-Jurf Engineering Support Frame Contract


Pre-qualification of Bidders.

Attn.: Mr. Ali Msalem – TC Coordinator

Fax: +(218) 21 33 50 561

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upon completing the Pre-qualification questionnaire and providing all the required information, the documents are to be submitted in  one original and one electronic copy (in a hard support) in a sealed envelope to be sent (or hand delivered) prior to the specified deadline date to the following address:


Company’s Address:

Mabruk Oil Operations 

Dhat El-Imad Complex,

Tower 4, Floor 07

P.O. Box 91171 Tripoli



For the Attention of: Mr. Ali Msalem

Tender Committee Coordinator


Tel:  +(218) 21 33 50 401 Ext. 1436

Fax: +(218) 21 33 50 561



Please contact Mabruk Oil Operations Reception desk in Tower 2, Ground Floor for direction in the event of hand delivery of the Pre-Qualification Documents.