Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) invites interested specialized local and international companies or their representatives in the Transporting, Treatment and Disposal of the hazard waste AT TRIPOLI MARINE BASE situated at Tripoli seaport, to participate in the said TENDER and to collect the Call for Tender package from our office at the following address:




Dhat El Imad Complex – Tower 4 Floor 07

P. Box: 91171, Tripoli, Libya

Attn.  Mr. Ali MSALEM – Office # 11

Tender Committee Coordinator

Tel: + (218) 21 335 0401 -   Ext.: 1436




Handling and transportation of the Hazard waste material collected at Company marine Base at Tripoli Port according to the Libyan Environment General Authority.

The Bidder Shall be responsible for:

1-            Provide the proper and adequate transportation and tools designated for handling and disposal of such material

2-            Provide trained manpower for handling and disposal of such material

3-            Provide required licences and certification for performing such service from local concerned authorities

4-            Provide worksite for collecting and disposal of such material equipped with required approved and certified equipment.

5-            Be responsible for all safety and security aspects throughout all service







-              MOO reserves the right to reject any and/or all participated companies at its sole discretion. Such act by MOO, shall be final and shall not be contested or challenged by any participants.

-              This invitation implies neither commitment nor obligation, implied or otherwise, for MOO to enter into a contract.

-              The whole cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the documents, visits and any other costs of whatsoever nature incurred in connection with this invitation, shall be borne by the participating companies.




•             The CFT document will be available from 11/02/2019, and this invitation will remain posted on website until 25/02/2019 at 2:00 p.m. local time and this will be the last date to collect the Call for Tender package.


•             The last date to receive the offers  bidders is 14/03/2019 at 3:00 p.m. local time. Accordingly, all interested companies for participation should submit their offers not later than the above date. Any offers submitted after the said date will be disregarded.



•             The CFT Package will be made available to the interested bidders only upon formal request, which should clearly indicate the name of their company, address, phone number, person to contact and his/her title, an email address and stating clearly their intention and interest to participate. Moreover, they shall indicate the person authorized to receive the Call For Tender Document, the name and his/her ID number.



Please contact MOO Reception desk in Tower 2, Ground Floor for direction in collecting the tender package documents.