Zueitina Oil Company hereafter referredtoas ZOC is a major oil & gas operating company, a subsidiary of National Oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya and operates numerous Oil, Gas and Condensate and other Petroleum products transmission pipelines from various oil fields.

ZOC is currently inviting experienced Cathodic Protection (CP) Contractorswith records of CP Projects accomplishments to express their interests in participating in the project for the Refurbishment of Cathodic Protection System of 40"Ø & 20"Ø Pipelines from Field 103A to Zueitina Terminal.  The Project will include, drilling and installation of deepwel groundbeds; installation of TRU’s, trenching, laying of cables, installation of associated CP components, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Interested parties are therefore requested to provide in the first instance, the details which best describe their organisation as per the following:

1-Letter on Company’s` letterhead addressed to the “Bids Committee Coordinator stating Organisation Name and Contact Details & expression of interest  

2-Company valid  Legal Registration documents,Business Permit, Licence, and Tax Certificates  .

3- Key Personnel’s with appropriate CP Qualification(s) to NACE certification or equivalent standards..

4-Organisation Chart showing Roles and Responsibilities & Chain of Command.

5- Past experience, Track Records of similar CP Projects supported by Clientele list.

6-Submission of  the Organization Chart and Financial Status document of the Company turnover for the last 3 Years.

7- HSE Management System Standard, Certification and validity

8- QA/QC Management System Standard, Certification and validity.

9- Contact Details of Representative or Agent in Libya where applicable.

10 Anode Deepwell groundbeds Construction/Drilling equipment details and availability on demand.

The Prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than 07/3/ 2019.

the Prequalification  Documents containing the above stated  requirements shall be submitted in  sealed envelopes to :- Bids Committee Coordinator   -   Sixth Floor – Main Building - Zueitina Oil Company - Sidi Issa Street - PO Box (2134)   -   Tripoli  - Libya Tel;  00218(0) 21 3338011 /14    -   Ext ; (71645)    FAX ;   00218 (0) 21 3339109. Zueitina Oil Company reserves the right to exclude without notices Contractors supplying insufficient or inadequate information .

This pre-qualification request is not an invitation to tender. Company will not be responsible for costs incurred for preparation of the Prequalification Documents

             All communication must be with an authorized person.